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Wiki Contributors

We always welcome those who wish to contribute to the Littlehampton Fort wiki, and our other related websites.

Potential Contributor Tasks

Research & Writing
Contributors can help by researching the history of the fort, and information regarding those directly related to it, and producing articles based upon their research.
Collecting Materials
An important task is the collecting of materials pertaining to the Fort. These could be photos, newspaper clippings, or documents etc.
Updating Our Websites
For those contributors who are willing, they can update our websites, adding new media and articles.


Why are registrations disabled?

Self registrations have been disabled to protect the website from vandalism, deletion of pages and other malicious behaviour.

How are the wiki pages edited?

Wiki pages are written and edited using the built-in editor. The articles are primarily written in plain text, but using a simple syntax to format the text e.g. adding titles, and including links.

The editor does include a toolbar to automatically add certain syntax, but the syntax is quite easy to learn, and allows more flexibility if you write it yourself.

Including with this wiki is a 'playground' that lets you write and try out the syntax before committing it to an article.

  • Syntax: The syntax used for editing the wiki articles
  • PlayGround: An area for editors to try out using the syntax (only available to registered users)
  • Toolbar: The toolbar for automatically adding syntax code to articles
  • Wiki Tutorial: A basic tutorial to help you get started
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